“I have attended many “self-discovery” courses over my HR career, but this one was very special. It was totally aligned with the view of focusing people development on their strengths, not their weaknesses.”
HR Manager. Novo Nordisk P&O.

“Thank you very much for the great Course. Especially for your help to see a smart way, how to wake up mind, and use strengths for further personal development. The Course shows me efficient way hot to grow in work and personal life. STRENGTHS make strength personality.”
Sourcing Manager. Novo Nordisk s.r.o.

Jeg har set og prøvet mange personprofiler, men denne med fokus på styrker er suverænt det bedste jeg har oplevet. Både som en personprofil, men også den tilhørende coaching session har været værdiskabende”.
Head of offshore Project Management. Siemensgamesa

“What I like the most about this course is positive approach. This is actually one of the rare courses where we start from our the best and consider how we can benefit from what we really are. Instead of pointing out our weak points and bad habits. After the course, all participants feel much more self-confident and aware of their own potential.
In addition to that, this was very effective process that enabled us as a team to get to know each other better and consider how we can benefit from our individual strengths as a team.
Shortly, I find this training educational and inspiring since it offers professional, organizational and personal growth for both, individuals and team.”
Head of Accounting CoE. Novo Nordisk

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